Have You ever thought why you should go for Digital Marketing Course in Patna?

IF you are inclined towards making your career as a online research scientist i.e digital marketing enthusiast then you are at right place. I said scientist because if you can research and apply new techniques and ways to keep your business ahead in rankings then you are always going to be achieving you goals. And if you are new to this field and want to learn various techniques and ways of Digital marketing course in Patna then you should surely join the best institute for Digital marketing at Patna.

But before that we would like to enlighten you about the rapidly changing statistics in Digital marketing world.

” Hiring Trends suggests that 69% of companies are planning to hire more marketers in 2019. The categorization is digital advertising (45%), content creation and curation (42%) and content strategy (39%). Apart from this digital marketing hires grew by 34% in respect to 2018. Every business house now need a digital marketing expert. “

6 + 2 =

Website Creation using WordPress

Email Marketing

Lead Generation

Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google My Business

Google Webmaster

Facebook Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Online Display Advertising

Content Marketing

Quora Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


E-Commerce Website

Advance Digital Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Institute In Patna, Bihar

Who All Can Do Digital Marketing Course In Patna, Bihar ?

Freshers / Students


  • Recent Studies Shows 3+ Lac Jobs in Field  of Digital Marketing
  • Learn and Earn online By Various Methods
  • Tremendous Career Growth
  • Never Ending Demand / Skills

Professionals / Working Executives

  • Add Extra Profile in your Career Growth
  • Become More Valuable
  • Get More Career Choices
  • Work As Freelancer
  • Start Your Own Business


  • Grow Your Business
  • Launch New online Business
  • You can apply Digital Marketing to your Business
  • Market Your Products/Service in better Way















Duration (3 Months / 120 Hours)


Introduction to Digital Marketing Course

In this module you will know basics of digital marketing. The basic difference between traditional and digital marketing. A simple overview of digital marketing process will be dealt in this module. All about digital marketing will be dealt in this Module.


Website Planning & Creation Using WordPress

In this module you will be introduced to wordpress designing. How you buy a domain and set its nameserver, host it on the hositng and install wordpress. Everything related to wordpress themes, plugins, designing the whole site with different pages will be taught.


Email Marketing Module

In this module you will learn all about creating and executing a email marketing campaign successfully. How to use mailchimp, a third party email server. How to Create Email List. All about opt-in email marketing and newsletter. Get to Know from basic to advance email marketing.


Lead Generation Through Digital Marketing Campaigns

In this section you will learn how landing page works and how to design them using Mailchimp. Also you will learn about A/B testing of landing pages. You will know how to Generate Leads. This Module will cover all about Lead Generation.


Google Adword (Search Engine Marketing)

In this section you will learn how to create and manage Google Adwords PPC campaigns successfully. How to optimize it and how to do audience targeting and re-marketing in PPC.


Google Analytics

In this section you will learn how to analyze a sites data. How to set up analytics, and connect with adwords. Learn about audience behavior, acquisition and conversion. Know all the basic of google analytics and how it will benefit you in your SEO campaigns.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this section you will learn A to Z of of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Both on page and off page factors for ranking will be dealt in deep. You will learn how to rank a Site on Various Search Engines. Become Expert in SEO


Link Building Campaigns

In this section you will learn advance tricks of link building. This module will let you know how to create PBN and all about tier link building. Advance link building will help you rank sites. Link Building is one of the most essential part of SEO


Google My Business

In this section you will learn how to do listing in Google My Business. How to Rank your listing on the top of the rankings for Google my Business. Ge to Know all about it.


Google Webmaster

In this section you will learn why its important to create Google Webmaster Account, How to Add website to it and how to link webmaster account to google analytics.


Facebook Marketing

In this section you will learn how market your products or services on Facebook. How to create engaging post and create organic fans for it. Also you will learn how to make Facebook ads


Linkedin Marketing

In this section you will learn how to create linkedin profile and what is pulse posting.what is linkedin groups and all about linkedin page. Also you will learn about linkedin Ads.


Twitter Marketing

In this section you will learn how twitter works and how to make twitter account. You will also learn the benefits of tweet and how to do the perfect tweet to market for your business. Learn all the things related to twitter in this module.


Youtube Marketing

In this section you will learn how to make a youtube channel and video under that channel. Also you will know how to promote your video and do seo for it. Apart from this you will learn how to run ads for video campaign.


Online Display Advertising

In this section you will learn how to advertise your product or services on different websites in form of banners. How to make the campaign and how to advertise your business through online display ads.


Content Marketing

In this section you will learn how to wring market pitched content and how to make it popular. All the strategies and tactics which is needed for content marketing will be taught here. Content is one of the most important part of a website.


Quora Marketing

In this section you will learn how to go for quora markeing. Quora is one of the important marketing platform these days. You should know how to market your questions and bring them on top.


Mobile Marketing

In this section you will learn how marketing via app is done. How to build app using como. How to publish the app on android and iOs play store. Sms advertising and mobile advertising using adwords.


Affiliate Marketing

In this section you will learn All about affiliate marketing. How to get register and user various available affiliate networks. How you can manage and scale your affiliate campaigns. How to do amazon affiliate business.



In this section you will learn all about dropshipping. If you are planning to sell online, try dropshipping. No inventory required. Start you work immediately. Try today for better tomorrow.


E-Commerce Website

In this section you will learn to design a e-commerce site through wordpress. How Woo-Commerce plugin is going to help you create a e-commerce site. Also what difference between shopify and Woocommerce sites.


Online Reputation Management

In this section you will learn what is online reputation. How you can build and manage your online reputation. Also you will know how to handle the negative feedbacks in this section too.


Advance Digital Marketing

In this section you will learn all the advance digital marketing strategy which you can apply on your business. You can break these into different phases and work to make your company successful.

Why SEMSOLS Digital Marketing Course in Patna?

Learn From Industry Leaders

Learn A-Z of Digital Marketing

Become Google And Facebook Certified

Free Demo Classes And Doubt Clearance

Practical Approach toward Learning

Free 3 Months Internship Program

Lifetime access to Video Modules

5 Star Rating by Google


After Searching for different coaching institutes related to digital marketing, My find stopped at SEMSOLS. With the right approach and Subject knowledge mentors at Semsols are really good. I Joined the digital marketing course in patna @ semsols and i am proud of my decision. Those 3 Months which i studied , developed my thinking and analytical skills for online marketing and advertising. I am now a proud owner of my earning website. For all others who want to go for Digital Marketing Course in Patna, Semsols is only the best option.

Venkatesh Anand


I am really thankful to my friend, who suggested me to go for Digital marketing course in Patna from Semsols Technologies Pvt. Ltd. They are real Digital marketing experts, as they have 15 years of digital marketing experience. I was there to learn how to grown my business online and they really helped me to understand the basic and advance concept of digital marketing modules. Implementing those strategies on my business and my business has excelled a lot online. All thanks to them . If you want to do the course in Patna Join Semsols.

Eisha Sharma

Bussiness Owner

I am a kind of person who is not satisfied easily. I have my own startup and i wanted to learn digital marketing to make my startup grow online in Patna. I searched many internet marketing schools but i was not satisfied. But when I visited Semsols, I found a perfect blend of experience with knowledge in Digital marketing field. Mentors in Semsols will guide you to understand how you can grow online and make money. I would recommend all those who want to do digital marketing course in Patna , then best place is Semsols.

Jawed Akhtar


I always believed that this traditional knowledge is not going to enhance my career. So I always wanted to do something extra and Digital Marketing was one of my Choice. But in Patna it was difficult to find the best Institute. My search took me to SEMSOLS. Yes it’s the best place to do Digital Marketing Course in Patna and I proudly tell this to all my friends. The course has changed my life, now I am digital marketing executive in a good company. All this is possible due to the mentors in Semsols. TO get the best in Patna join Digital Marketing Course from Semsols.

Juhi Kumari


Digital Marketing Course FAQs answered for Students In Patna

When it comes to various questions on digital marketing course by Semsols In Patna, Students are more confused. Students have to deal with lot of career options told by their friends, relative and family members.

Getting the best out of the lot is difficult job and when it’s come to selection, there are many questions which they seek answers for. So for all those students who want to join Best Digital marketing course in Patna, here is the answer to some basic questions which always keeps coming to your mind.

Learn about all the digital marketing course structure and various parts covered at SEMSOLS in Patna

Q 1: What is digital marketing course?

Ans 1: When we talk about digital marketing course, it can be termed as marketing your products / services online through various digital mediums as optimizing your site for search engine, display ads, paid ads , social media marketing and influencer marketing.

All these topics touched above comes under digital marketing strategy and we being the best digital marketing course institute in Patna, will cover all these in detail through our course modules. Any graduate, post graduate or 12th student who want to make bright career can go for digital marketing course in Patna from Semsols.

Digital marketing course is in demand as there are 1 lakh jobs in this field waiting for you in coming years. All these Buzz words told above can be easily understood and knowledge can be gained from our experience mentors who have experience of over 15 years working in this field. Digital Marketing involves all practical approach and we @ SEMSOLS are Digital Marketing Company in Patna and will give you the best Practical / industry Experience during the tenure of digital marketing course.

Q 4: What if My Classes are missed some day?

Ans 4: For all those students who are part of our digital marketing course can do their backup classes in the upcoming batch.

Q 6: What is the Fees for Digital Marketing Course @ Semsols in Patna

Ans 6:  When it comes to Fees for Digital marketing Course at patna, we are not charging on higher end. The value we are providing, The practical experience which we are imparting, The internship which is making you eligible to work under any environment is more valuable than the fees. If you will compare our Digital Marketing Course Fee in Patna with other traditional institutes, you will always feel Value for Money.

We are A digital marketing company, operating in Patna from last 12 years. We have industry experience and not just theoretical knowledge. We will give you all practical approach to digital marketing world. you can click here and know our Fee Structure.

Q 9: What will be the Course Duration for Digital marketing @ Semsols In Patna?

Ans 9: At semsols , our digital marketing course comprises of 23 modules and it is a 3 month course. We give you industry experience and practical approach to all the topics mentioned in our course Module.

After 3 months of course we give you 3 month internship program free of cost in our Digital marketing company . It gives you hands on experience , how to work in corporate culture and what should be the way to work for a digital marketing company.

This is very crucial for your career goals in the field of Digital marketing and we at Semsols provided you the best course in Patna.

Q 2: What is the Minimum Qualification required for Digital Marketing Courses?

Ans 2: When it comes to minimum qualification for digital marketing course, we can say there is no minimum qualification. If you want to work to work for yourself as entrepreneur then there is no minimum qualification for digital marketing course. But most of the companies who are hiring digital marketing executives looks for Graduates. So if you want to get job in Patna as digital marketing executive, you should be graduate in any stream. Stream does not matter for taking admission into digital marketing course in Patna or anywhere in India.

We @ Semsols the number 1 digital marketing training institute in Patna impart digital marketing courses to all  students from any stream. Our courses modules are in such a way that it is suitable for students who want to go for job and also for students who want to do their own business.

Q 7: What if I am not able to understand some topics of Digital Marketing Course Modules?

Ans 7: Dear Students, Our mentors will be there for you. So if you have any problem with the topics under Digital Marketing Course modules, you can ask your mentors and they will solve your queries.

We are not only committed  to impart knowledge related to digital marketing but we are also committed to make sure all of our students understand how digital marketing works and how to implement the strategies. Where ever our students work either in Patna or any part of India, They should reflect us as Best Digital marketing course institute in Patna.

Q 10: What will be the batch size for Digital marketing @ Semsols In Patna?

Ans 10: At semsols We keep a minimum of 10 students batch size. Our batch size is structured to give proper guidance to all students and solve queries for them.

We take care that every student is able to understand the topic taught by the mentors and is able to implement the strategies of digital marketing.

Q 3: Is there different branches of Digital Marketing Course?

Ans 3: yes we can say there are different verticals of Digital Marketing Course which can shape up you career in different domains are per your choice

We as Semsols Being the best Digital marketing course institute in Patna take care of all these verticals and make sure to impart best knowledge so that  you can excel in your career, whatever choice you make.

Various choices are

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing / Optimization

Paid Advertisement

Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Influencer Marketing

These are basic Specialization which can shape up you career in that direction and each one is a career opportunity in itself. Everything mentioned above is covered in our Digital marketing course @ our institute in Patna. Come and Learn from Industry Leaders.

Q 5 : Will I get Certificate?

Ans 5: Yes, Semsols will provide you certificate for both Digital Marketing Course and Digital marketing internship done at SEMSOLS.

We understand the importance of a certificate and how it can boost you career. Many companies are impressed with those certificates and you can also approach clients for freelance work. You are doing Digital marketing course from best institute in Patna and We take care of all our students to get best through our courses.

Q 8: What about Placement after doing digital marketing course from Patna?

Ans 8: This is one of the most important question for any student doing digital marketing course in Patna from Semsols. When it comes to placement, we ourselves are Digital marketing company. we provide 3 months free internship in our company to all students and provide certificate for internship too. So Students who goes for internship are industry ready and can be placed in any digital marketing company.

Apart from this we provide job assistance in helping our students to make them ready for facing interviews and making their resumes and applying to various jobs related to digital marketing on various job portals.

Q 11: What salary I can expect after completing digital marketing course?

Ans 11: After doing the digital marketing course you are eligible to face the interview and understand what is being asked from you. Doing Digital Marketing Course & Internship from Semsols in Patna will make you aware of all the industry trends and questions.

Being a fresher you can get 8-12 K in hand salary while after having 1 year experience you can expect between 20-25k as a salary. But all these depends upon your knowledge and how you answered the questions at the time of interview.

Q 12: Will I get educational material related to Digital Marketing Course?

Ans 12: Yes , As course will progress you will get soft copy of the material which is being taught in the class. Our material comprises of all the modules in great depth and it will give you all the important points which is under a certain module.

Our Course material is well researched and created to give students a clear understanding of digital marketing .

Digital Marketing Course FAQs answered for Professionals In Patna

Digital Marketing is a field which is not only attracting students but professionals and employees are being attracted with the tremendous opportunities of digital Marketing. Professionals in Patna who are working in different companies want to go for digital marketing course but they have many doubts before going for it.

We @ Semsols go through many questions related to Digital marketing future and opportunities asked by professionals. We are trying to solve various questions asked by employee / professionals about Best Digital marketing course in Patna

Q 1: Will Digital marketing course help us in our current job profile?

Ans 1: Digital marketing is need of the hour. Every company is looking to increase their brand value online and for this they require digital marketing.

Companies either in service sector, selling products or catering other things want to be visible online and attract more customers. The best way is to go for digital marketing and gain the value. So if you are going for best Digital marketing course in Patna , then you are surely adding value to your current profile.

The company you are working in  will surely take your knowledge in consideration and it will help you to gain promotion or Get new roles in company.

Secondly the extra knowledge or Digital marketing strategies with your current job profile will empower your chances to grab best new opportunities in the market, if you are thinking of job change.

So We will always suggest you to go for Digital marketing course in Patna from Semsols. We will give you thorough practical knowledge of digital marketing to compete in the industry.

Q 4 : What kind of certification will be provided?

Ans 4: All candidates who will complete our advanced digital marketing course for professionals / employees will get Digital marketing course certificate.

We are digital marketing company operating in patna form last 12 years and we know how industry works. We will impart best practical knowledge so that you can compete in the industry and do everything right. This certificate will add value to your current profile.

Q 2: I am into offline marketing, Can I make a switch to Digital marketing?

Ans 2: Yes, if you are into offline marketing, you need to switch to digital marketing now. Offline marketing is slowly moving towards digital marketing.

The ways are different from offline marketing but here also you need to market your brand.

So if you have this question in your mind, you should go for best digital marketing course in Patna to make your career path easy.

Our Digital marketing course fees is also optimized for the professionals. So Learn the current digital marketing trends and make sure to make a jump in your career.

Q 3: Will there be flexible timings for Professionals / Employees for digital marketing course.

Ans 3: Yes, we keep in mind that professionals / employees can get time in the morning and evening. So our Digital marketing course classes in Patna is scheduled as per the professionals timings.

So if you want to join the DIgital marketing course for professionals , you can surely join us as per your convenience.

Q 5: What kind of support will be provided after completion of course?

Ans 5: We are always be there for you, after completion of digital marketing course form our institute. Any time you feel that you need some consultation during your job or you want to understand certain topic, you can contact our mentors and they will surely guide you.

So our students are our strength and we always make sure that our strength gets powered.

Digital Marketing Course FAQs answered for Freelancers In Patna

Freelancers who are from Patna are working online and offline to earn for their sustainability. There are various fields in which they are giving their services. Many freelancers in Patna are working on Digital services and web site design development. They are always looking  out to enhance their knowledge and add extra value to their services.

Digital marketing field is getting attention from all over the world and it has many clients. So all the freelancers in Patna are now aiming to get best knowledge of Digital marketing. Searching the best institute for digital marketing course in Patna, they come to us and have following doubts in their mind. We are answering all their doubts in our Faq’s Section

Q 1: How Digital marketing Course will Benefit Freelancers?

Ans 1: Digital marketing course in itself is a complete Field , for which you can work and get clients. If you have done digital marketing course from the best institute in patna @ Semsols, then you will know how to work on projects and achieve the goal.

This is one aspect for freelancers who can learn and work for digital marketing clients. Second aspect is that, if you learn digital marketing course then you can promote your freelance services/work on different platform easily and get them higher rankings there. This will help you to attract more and more customers for your services.

So in all case Digital marketing course from Semsols Patna is going to help you. So Come and enquire about Digital marketing course fee from the best institute of Digital marketing course.

Q 4: What's the Fee structure for Digital marketing Course for Freelancers?

Ans 4: We @ Semsols being number 1 digital marketing institute in Patna, make sure that our fee is affordable and we can reach maximum people, who are interested in doing the course. Our main aim is to make you self sufficient by imparting best practical knowledge of digital marketing. So if you are interested in doing our course you can come at our office and discuss about it.

Q 2 : How Digital marketing is going to help me in promoting my current profile?

Ans 2: If you are going to learn Digital marketing Course from Best institute in Patna, we will give you advanced practical knowledge and internship in Digital marketing. Through which you will be able to promote your business to higher levels on different freelancing platform. This will help you to attract more and more customers and you can easily grow your business.

Also we will discuss the various strategies of digital marketing which can be applicable on building your profile to best ranks on freelancing platform. so if you are going to learn digital marketing , in any case you will be benefited and get the maximum output.

Q 3: Is Digital marketing Course good for freelancers from any field?

Ans 3: Gaining knowledge is always good. In some way or other it’s always going to help you in the long run. Looking at the fact that digital marketing has expanded its wings like fire in the forest. Every business house is going for digital marketing to grow themselves. Over the coming years digital marketing will be the one and only thing which will be of great importance for everyone in the business.

So talking for the value of digital marketing course for freelancers, it can’t be compared to anything. So if you are thinking of doing digital marketing course in Patna, then you should not make any further thought. Just join the best classes for Digital marketing and make sure that you dong lag behind.

Q 5: Will Semsols Digital marketing Institute help Freelancers to Make profile on Different Platforms?

Ans 5: Yes for budding freelancers who are thinking of starting their freelancing services, we will help them, to make profiles which are good and give them business. Apart from providing the advanced and more practical approach to digital marketing in Patna, we will make sure that you start your freelancing career on good note and continue to excel in the field.

Digital Marketing Course FAQs answered for Entrepreneurs in Patna

Every entrepreneurs knows the value of Digital marketing in today’s scenario. Either they hire experts to apply various strategies on their business or they learn Digital marketing to compete in the market. If Entrepreneurs are big businesses then they can afford the monthly service cost of digital marketing. But not all entrepreneurs can afford this, so they decide to learn digital marketing and implement it on their business idea.

We have imparted best strategies and tactics related to digital marketing to various entrepreneurs in Patna. They had their doubts before joining us, but we are addressing the concerns for new entrepreneurs who want to do digital marketing course in Patna.

Q 1: How Digital Marketing Course can help Entrepreneurs?

Ans 1: Digital Marketing is a field which is required by every individual or businesses who are operating in the market. It helps them to gain customers and brand value not only from local area but also throughout the world.

Every entrepreneur who is active in his work, requires the help of digital marketing to grow their business out of the boundaries. Digital marketing is limitless, it provides the opportunity to break the country boundary and make your business popular in all over the world.

So entrepreneurs are always eager to go for digital marketing course , which is surely going to help them in long run. So if you are in Patna and looking for best institute for digital marketing course then come to SEMSOLS.

Q 2: Who will be the mentors for Digital Marketing Course @ Semsols?

Ans 2: SEMSOLS  is a digital marketing company operating from last 12 years. We have industry experience and cater to clients all over the world. Also apart from this we also know the best ways to make money online. Our Mentors have experience of around 15 years in this industry and you will get the best knowledge from them related to digital marketing.

You can personally visit our office and talk to them before taking admission to our training based Digital marketing course. The way we deal digital marketing, no one you will find in Patna, teaches that way. So Come and join the best digital marketing course institute in Patna.

Q 3: What will be the benefits of doing Digital marketing Course?

Ans 3: Talking from business perspective if you complete digital marketing course then surely you will get better results from your business.

Firstly you will save money which you have to give for digital marketing services every month.

Secondly Higher return on investment ROI will be there after implementing digital marketing strategies.

Also you can measure your campaigns output if you are applying digital marketing on your business.

You can expect quick results out of various campaigns you run for your business digitally.

Q 4: Is there any specific course for entrepreneurs related to digital marketing?

Ans 4: Our course modules under Digital marketing course is apt for entrepreneurs. Everything which is needed by a individual to scale up their business digitally has been covered in it.

Once you go through the course , you will feel the difference between normal marketing and digital marketing. You will come to know how to make your brand successful. So If you join our Digital marketing course it is sufficient for you.

Q 5: Will there be Online Video available for students related to the Course?

Ans 5: All students or entrepreneurs who will join our offline classes will get access to online course modules also. This is private modules and access will be granted only to person who have enrolled in our digital marketing offline course.

We hope that we have solved your queries and help you to find the best digital marketing course institute in Patna.

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